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21:32MelindaFolk tycker namnet är väldigt ovanligt men fint och jag får beröm om mitt namn
16-08SilvaFörväxlas i Sverige ibland med namnet Silvia men stammen och betydelsen är ju snarlik.
11-08JörgenGubbigt deluxe
5-08FeliciaJag tycker mitt namn låter kungligt, men också barnsligt.
31-07ЖулиенInte så lett i sverge med mit namne, det vara myke svart.
13-07Irländska Namn
11-07ItayYou really saved my skin with this inatimforon. Thanks!
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11-07MillenSteven Kingon I met Tom at the nov screening so I held back. I can NOT claim credit for those pics, those are from David Barker wh72o8&1#;d you know better as Billy Whiz, I was only the deliverer.
11-07EnokKudos to you! I hadn't thhgout of that!
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11-07Jonas- That is gorgeous! I love it. Is she having a giillEmr?y ~ this gal did not know what she was having but she has since had her little one and it was a girl!!
11-07TalaithFor weeks, or months – who’s keeping track – I’d see your Twitter photo and think you had to be the coolest lady ever. Now that I’ve started following your blog I’m even more impressed with you.When my daughter was a toddler, she was “Cookie Mo.n1ers&#822t; She lived to eat, especially cookies. Happily, the moniker has long since ceased to be appropriate. At 42 she’s trimmer and looks better than most of her sons’ female friends.
11-07SagaMike, if I weren’t shy, I could perhaps try asking the police people in for hot cocoa. Tim would, I’m sure, if I’d let him. But in a smaller town I think it would feel more okay to do so. I know, they’re people, to23o8#&0;Beth, I tend to feel safe, but I know. You never know. Glad you like the blog and so glad the book arrived safely!
11-07Ann-ChristinBeyonce is almost certainly set to achieve number 1 in this wed2ene&#8k17;s album charts, bumping Lady Gaga off the top spot. The American vocalist, who just headlined during Glastonbury, is marketing and advertising her album, 4, three times as fast as chart competitors according to (blank) the Official Chart Update.
11-07JennyObrigada por partilhar conosco esse lindo doce.Amei conhecer seu trabalho, Edilza Teixeira me apresentou seu blog, adoXri.reeo, fique com Deus.
11-07JennieHe he… I also bought for this main reason, and specially when good packaging is rare in India.I am specially loving that red flower bottle on2e&8#30; that one just looks too pretty na ?
11-07ChristiaanHi would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re working with? I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m having a hard time making a decision between BlBitnggne/Wordpress/o2evoluEi on and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique. P.S Apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!
11-07GabijaVix, you look like you are going to a luau and not the local pub! It's not raining here, we are actually enjoying very sunny and warm weather. Love everything in the background of your photos and of course great finds at the boot sa~n!lBoneie
9-07MartinaMånga kallar mig Martin, vilket stör mig SÅÅ mycket!!